Hello World!

I am Back

Hi all! Sooo sorry it's been so long since the last post. So much has happened since last year. On Sept. 12, 2010 we lost my husband's grandfather(raised him), due to a surgical procedure that went terribly wrong. This man was Bray's world and he had a realllly hard time with this. We also lost my grandfather(raised me) on May 7, 2011(Bray's birthday :( ), due to cirrhosis of the liver. It's been a rough time for both of our families.

This summer went by so fast! We took a vacation to St. Augustine, Fl. The kids had an awesome time. We stayed so busy with both of our grandmothers and the kids that Timmy and I didn't realize that school was starting in a blink of an eye.
With that said...the kids started back Aug. 2nd! Bray's in the 2nd grade and Mac is in kindergarten. :) I'm so proud of my "babies". I'm even more excited to announce that Bray has a sign interpreter this year! Bray really likes him and school has been going really smooth for him so far this year.
Happy school year to all of our friends all around that are just starting back!